Who we are

Food is central to all and every culture. It is shared in celebration, in love and in friendship. Food, in its many forms and flavours, is integral: it provides energy and nutrients for our bodies and minds to grow.

This love and passion inspired us to develop a project to explore how we approach food in our everyday lives across Europe. Sponsored by the Comenius Project, five schools joined together to investigate how communities come together to break bread, our local cuisines and specialities, and meal time habits. We wanted to see how healthy we were and what we could do to make our meals even more enjoyable and nutritious. To achieve this, we conducted research in our schools, towns and villages; to find out what we eat and why we eat it, to seek out old and new recipes that are a part of our local and national identity, and discover how the food industry is managed on a local and global scale. Our ultimate aim was to create a virtual restaurant where, with a truly European menu, we can come together and share the fruits of our work and enjoy the company of new friends and old.

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